Just my random, well-intentioned 2 cents on the frequency with
which "user" questions show up here.

Mind you, I don't find them all that annoying; some - including me - would
say it doesn't hurt to have "developers" see what the real world is up to.  But
I have noticed that increasingly folks show signs of having been told (off 
that they're asking in the wrong place.

I can't help but wonder if some of the user questions that stray onto this
list do so because of confusion engendered by the list names.

I can imagine someone thinking

        "ah, I, a developer building a fop app, need help;
        I'll send my question to this here fop-dev list"

I could go on about the disinclination of certain red-blooded developers
to ever believe they are a "user" but maybe I won't go there   ;-)

Perhaps a simple rename of the current fop-dev to Fop-internals would help ?

btw Some might say the web page is pretty explicit about which
list is which - to which I might say "and your point is ?"

        -Ralph LaChance

Oh my, I hope this doesn't launch a firestorm  ;-)

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