You could use XSLT parameters to set page-width/height and borders.

> I've a problem with setup the printed page sizes.
> In the Application the user (must have) has the possibility to change the
> papar format of the printed documents. I'm using AWTRenderer to preview some
> files on screen before printing.
> My xsl templates have an  Page Master like this:
> <fo:simple-page-master master-reference="A4" width="...
> If the user wants to print out the rendered page for example in letter
> format with defined margines I've to scale width and height of the rendered
> page before sending graphic to printer. I cannot using scalefactor because
> of the geometry of the page isn't compatible to the original. Can anyone
> explain me what I've todo. Writing different templates for each possible
> Paper-Size isn't acceptable.

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