An initial maintenance-branch patch for background-image and 
background-repeat property support can be found at:


This patch is *not* ready to get comitted to the repository, rather I'm 
posting it to a) get some help testing it, b) get feedback about the 
nature and scope of the changes I've made.

So please, have a look at it, try it out, and send me as much feedback 
as possible, especially on:
  - The API changes to AbstractRenderer.
  - Changing addRectFoo() to only ever expect +ve heights.
  - Seeing if the MIF and TXT renderers still work as advertised (but 
without bg image support).

To support background images, the following has changed:

  - Implemented the background-image and background-repeat properties.
  - PropertyManager resolves the bg image source to a FopImage when 
first retreiving an instance of BackgroundProps.
  - Areas now store an instance of BackgroundProps rather than just the 
background color.
  - AbstractRenderer has a concrete doBackground() method, and abstract 
drawImageFoo() methods to support doBackground(), renderImageArea() and 
possibly others.
  - PDFRenderer and PrintRenderer have been modified to use 
doBackground() and provide concrete implementations of the 
drawImageFoo() methods.

As a direct result:

  - PDFRenderer.renderImageArea() has been generalized and moved into 
  - Start of support for working region-foo backgrounds has been added
  - The addRectFoo() methods should now expect only +ve heights

Stuff that isn't working:
  - All renderers other than PDFRenderer, and possibly the MIF renderer 
and TXTRenderer.
  - Image cropping, so on a tiled background, the last row and column of 
images are scaled rather than cropped if the width/height if the content 
area isn't an exact multiple of the image's width/height.

Binaries for testing can be found at:


Please *do not* use this binary in a production system.

Thanks (especially for reading this far ;),

Michael Gratton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Recall Design <>
s: 53 Gilbert Street Adelaide SA 5000 Australia
t: +61 8 8217 0500 f: +61 8 8217 0555

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