Roger Tribe wrote:
> I am trying to indent individual tables from the page margin without 
> success.

This appears to be intentional, though inconvenient. I read
the spec about a dozen times, or so, and the behaviour
appears to be conformant. Tables are not block level
elements for some strange reason.

I usually create an invisible column serving as margin:
   <fo:table table-layout="fixed">
     <fo:table-column column-width="2cm"/>
     <fo:table-column  border-color="black" border-style="solid"
       border-width=".5mm" column-width="3cm"/>

If you use XSLT to generate the file, it should
not be too hard to keep block margins and the table
column width consistent.

> I have tried using margin-left, start-indent and position-absolute on 
> the table node and although the text position within the cell moves,
Thats because table cell areas are reference areas.
You have to reset most block properties on the table
element if you don't want to have them inherited.


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