Alberto Alarcon wrote:
> Hi
>    I am using FOP to embbed pdf files in browser with a servlet, using
> tomacat 4.0.3, I try the FOPSERVLET example and its working fine, but if =
> I
> put the security constraint in the web.xml file of my context , I get a
> white page, instead of de pdf file, the pdf file is generated correctly, =
> if
> I save to disk, i can see it, but is not showed in the browser.

What do you mean by "security constraint"? Do you get your
PDF again if you remove the "security constraint"? It this
case it is likely that this is a problem with your server.

Otherwise, it may be your browser, some IEx versions are
known to have problems starting Acrobat reader under certain
> fop Fop-0.20.3rc
It is recommended to upgrade to the final 0.20.3 release
in all cases.


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