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Subject: Re: Problem embeding pdf in browser using security constraint
inTomcat 4.0.3

> Alberto Alarcon wrote:
> > Hi
> >    I am using FOP to embbed pdf files in browser with a servlet, using
> > tomacat 4.0.3, I try the FOPSERVLET example and its working fine, but if
> > I
> > put the security constraint in the web.xml file of my context , I get a
> > white page, instead of de pdf file, the pdf file is generated correctly,
> > if
> > I save to disk, i can see it, but is not showed in the browser.
> What do you mean by "security constraint"? Do you get your
> PDF again if you remove the "security constraint"? It this
> case it is likely that this is a problem with your server.

Yes, I mean the security stuff and resource protection in Tomcat, the funy
thing is, i just have problems with pdf generated with FOP, if i put a PDF
file, i can see it, thats while I send my comment to FOP list.
> Otherwise, it may be your browser, some IEx versions are
> known to have problems starting Acrobat reader under certain
> circumstances.

I test with diferents versions of IE and acrobat reader, I didnt tried with
Netscape, i will try.

> > fop Fop-0.20.3rc
> It is recommended to upgrade to the final 0.20.3 release
> in all cases.
Thanks, i update it.

> J.Pietschmann

Any way, i have a work around to this, i made another tomcat context with
out security, only with the ServletReport, and using
response.sendRedirect("myReportContext/myServletReport + parameters") from
my protected servlet and work fine.

But if any body know want to try, and found why this happend, i be happy if
let me know why.


Alberto Alarcon

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