Arved Sandstrom wrote:

>Not at all, to the first. I've been using DHCP on Windows and Linux for
>quite a while and CVS over SSH has not involved any aggro with respect to
>.rhosts. Once you've got your public/private key pair created, and you've
>uploaded your public key (and placed it into 'authorized_keys' on the CVS
>server), you are set, assuming that your CVSROOT and CVS_RSH are also
Thanks Arved.

>To the second, yes, in theory, if I am not mistaken. I believe I have done
>this before. It may be as simple as just modifying the Root files in your
>CVS directories. You can only try - it's not like it's going to destroy
I'll edit Root and try an update.  I wasn't sure whether CVS was 
stateless as far as checkouts were concerned.


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