Check out Placeware - - it combines a browser-based
way of sharing a view of or even control of your desktop with others,
with a phone line for the "chat" portion of your meeting. It's the best
collaborative tool I've seen.

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Microsoft NetMeeting includes a shared whiteboard that certainly isn't a
vector drawing tool, but has been useful to me in several distributed
design sessions.  Of course, I imagine it's only available for


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> While I am not suggesting that anything much is likely to change in
> current situation, I think that one of the lessons here is the
> importance of chat.  This is particularly difficult with wide
> geographical distribution, but I have done it on occasions with a
> spread from California through New York and London to Tokyo and
> Brisbane.  The major hurdle is finding any times when everyone can be
> available.  Even when not everyone could be there, logs of the
> conversation could be very valuable.
> The other critical component is drawings.  If I had the choice of
> unlimited text or drawings with minimal annotations for communicating
> design ideas, I would take the drawings every time.  I'm not talking
> here about formal techniques like UML, which are design documentation
> tools, but the informal scribblings which are universal when
> - sorry, engineers - get together to talk design, and which are the
> basic tool of all of my design thinking.
> What would be good is to combine the two.  I.e., to chat on the one
> hand, and on the other to be able to use a vector drawing tool with a
> distributed canvas, which others could annotate or modify in real
> during the chat session.  Does anything like that exist?

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