I've been working on a schema for FO documents so that I can off-load 
the validation chore. I created the schema from the W3C documents which 
state the following for table-cell:



In addition this formatting object may have a sequence of zero or more 
fo:markers as its initial children.

The following properties apply to this formatting object:

    * [7.4 Common Accessibility Properties]
    * [7.6 Common Aural Properties]
    * [7.7 Common Border, Padding, and Background Properties]
    * [7.12 Common Relative Position Properties]
    * [7.26.1 "border-after-precedence"]
    * [7.26.2 "border-before-precedence"]
    * [7.26.4 "border-end-precedence"]
    * [7.26.6 "border-start-precedence"]
    * [7.14.1 "block-progression-dimension"]
    * [7.26.8 "column-number"]
    * [7.13.4 "display-align"]
    * [7.13.6 "relative-align"]
    * [7.26.10 "empty-cells"]
    * [7.26.11 "ends-row"]
    * [7.14.4 "height"]
    * [7.28.2 "id"]
    * [7.14.5 "inline-progression-dimension"]
    * [7.26.13 "number-columns-spanned"]
    * [7.26.14 "number-rows-spanned"]
    * [7.26.15 "starts-row"]
    * [7.14.12 "width"]

FOP, in addition, both allows and implements the setting of block's 
inheritable attributes such as "color" and "text-align" which are then 
propagated down to the enclosed blocks. My questions are as follows:

Is there a place in the spec that says "Containers may hold inheritable 
attributes so they can be passed on to their child objects"?
Or is this just a side-effect of inheritabliity?
Or is this illegal and will disappear in future FOP versions to be 
compatible with the spec?


Is there a list of these "inheritable attributes" ? Or do I just 
generate the list from those attributes that have an enumeration value 
of inherit?

Chuck Paussa

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