Alex wrote:
> > Any chance of upping the version number of FOP to something like 0.91
> > because some people don't seem to like using software as low as 0.24

At 12:45 13/05/2002, Keiron Liddle wrote:
>I didn't know making software was as easy as setting a number.

I should have put a smiley in there but it is a serious point.

Some people are not using Fop because of its low version number.
You and I know that the version 1.0 will be the one which complies with the 
XSL:FO spec and we are a long way from that.
FOP does not cope with the whole spec but it is quite satisfactory for many 
However there is a purely psychological problem with using software with 
such a low version number - it discourages some potential users.

That is why I suggested skipping some version numbers but still keeping it 
below version 1.0


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