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> According to one of the Norman Nielsen usability studies,
>   http://www.useit.com/alertbox/
> nearly 30% of (average) web users wont find information
> if it's not immediatly visible (i.e. they don't scroll
> at all). This may explain something...

I believe  a little toc at the top of the page would be useful for such
kind of users.

Oleg Tkachenko,
Multiconn International, Israel

Or maybe a set of "teaser" paragraphs, like

FOP (Formatting Objects Processor) is the world's first
print formatter driven by XSL formatting objects and the
world's first output independent formatter.
<a href="www">Read more...</a>

We have a demonstration of FOP Formatting available to help
you get started. <a href="xxx">Read more...</a>

FOP, as an open source effort, does not have a tightly defined
release schedule. We do have notes on the current status and
future plans, though. <a href="yyy">Read more...</a>

FOP goals are ambitious, targetting full compliance with
relevant W3C Recommendations. <a href="zzz">Read more...</a>

And so on. The initial page is smaller and loads faster. The
specific topics can fit a full "first page" in one screen
(for may users), vs. fitting into a full screen's worth of
a three screen page. (There's got to be a better way to
word that, but my coffee pot's still busted.)

Anyone out there with a journalistic background could improve
on my examples quite a bit.



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