Attached are gzipped diffs for the changes I made vs. the 0.20.3
release. I'm working on patches against CVS, but am pretty busy and
wanted to get something out soonest.

Essentially the patch includes:
-> support for callback-based, on-the-fly images (URLs like
"onthefly:SomeImage", you have to preregister the callback named
"SomeImage" before running the FOP transformation)

-> a modified PDFGraphics2D called PDFStreamGraphics2D that does not
use an intermediate byte buffer, but renders direct to a PDFStream

-> modified PDFStream so that it caches to tempfiles on disk rather
than to heap

-> modified the drawImage portion of PDFStreamGraphics2D so that it
only creates a new xObject for the image if it has never seen that
image before, otherwise it reuses the reference

The combination of these things took us from render times of up to 10
minutes and hundreds of megabytes of heap to render times of less than
10 seconds and less than 64MB of heap (the default max heap size).


Paul Reavis                                      [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Design Lead
Partner Software, Inc.              

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