It is. Have a look at This
page describes how to embedd FOP into your own applications. The info on
this page may already be ahead of time (reflecting changes to logging for
the next release), so you may have to consult the docs directory in the

The key method you need to use is Driver.render(Document). Take the
sample with XSLTInputHandler as a template and switch to render(Document).

> I have no Problems reading the XML and the XSL-file and directly generating the 
> That works fine. But in my application I'm filling the XMl-file, writing it to the 
>harddisk and then starting the FOP-conversion. It would be nice to start the 
>conversion directly with the org.w3c.dom.Document in memory and the XSL-File from 
> Does someone knows if this is possible with FOP?

Jeremias Märki


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