ok, here's what ya want to do.  when you perform a xalan xslt transform, you
can specify a SaxResult as the output object.  When you instantiate the
SaxResult object, you pass a ContentHandler object to the constructor.  Ok,
so the question is, what does this have to do with you.

fop's transformation engine is sax driven.  we are given access to the
underlying transformation engine, a SAX ContentHandler by calling
getContentHandler() on the Driver object.  We then pass the return value to
the SAXResult constructor.

the nice thing about doing it this way, is that as xalan transforms the xsl,
it fires SAX events right into fop.  therefore, it's essentially generating
fop's output (pdf for example) at the same time the xml is transformed in
xsl:fo by an xslt stylesheet.

the line of code from my app looks like this:

transformer.transform( new DOMSource( doc ), new SAXResult(
driver.getContentHandler() ));

also, by doing this, you do not need to pass any document or inputsource or
even call render(), because it all done once the transform finishes.

lemme know if you need an example.


David B. Bitton

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Subject: embedded FOP from Document to PDF


I have no Problems reading the XML and the XSL-file and directly generating
the PDF-output.
That works fine. But in my application I'm filling the XMl-file, writing it
to the harddisk and then starting the FOP-conversion. It would be nice to
start the conversion directly with the org.w3c.dom.Document in memory and
the XSL-File from harddisk.
Does someone knows if this is possible with FOP?

Thanks for Help.

Juergen Lippold

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