Here's the latest version. I've better organized the comments and 
cleaned up some things.

I haven't coded for the possibility of including functions in attribute 
Which functions has FOP implemented?

Also, Can I assume that the following is true?

   1. All functions that return object can be applied anywhere.
   2. Numeric functions apply to length, integer, and number values.
   3. Color functions apply to color values.
   4. from-table-column applies to table-cell and any element that can
      be a child of a table-cell.
   5. proportional-column-width applies only to table-column

numeric    floor( numeric)
numeric    ceiling(numeric)
numeric    round(numeric)
numeric    min( numeric , numeric)
numeric    max(numeric , numeric)
numeric    abs( numeric)
color    rgb(numeric , numeric , numeric)
color    rgb-icc(numeric , numeric , numeric , NCName , numeric , numeric)
color    system-color( NCName)
object    system-font( NCName , NCName)
object    inherited-property-value(NCName)
numeric    label-end()
numeric    body-start()
object    from-parent( NCName)
object    from-nearest-specified-value( NCName)
object    from-table-column( NCName)
numeric    proportional-column-width( numeric)
object    merge-property-values( NCName)

The spec also specifies this attribute, which applies to the page 
context (So which elements signify the page context?)
<attribute name = "size"  type = "size_Type"/>

Chuck Paussa

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