Oleg Tkachenko wrote:

> Peter B. West wrote:
>> I suppose a lot depends on how tightly you want to try to constrain 
>> the XSL through the schema.  There are many constraints which can 
>> only be tested by the processor.
> Do you mean constraints which are just impossible to express due to 
> schema restrictions (cooccurence etc) or constraints which couldn't be 
> tested on xsl-fo as xml document stage at all?

I should have said, "which are highly context dependent and would be 
cumbersome to express outside the processor."  I simply don't know how 
expressive XML Schema is.  I had in mind, for example, the kinds of 
constraints involved with the use of certain functions.  On a slightly 
different tack, I was also uncertain of the target audience for the 
schema.  The vast majority of instances of fo: elements and associated 
attributes will occur in stylesheets such that the final shape of the 
fo: elements cannot be determined except by running the transformation.


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