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>Ant is a cross-platform (by virtue of Java and XML) makefile system,
>basically, optimized for Java projects. Which is not new information.
>Sometimes we all lose sight of the fact that that is all it is. I have yet
>to do anything with Ant that I couldn't have done with a standard makefile;
>it just happens that Ant is easier to use for complex Java projects.
>Ant imposes no standards for versioning or configuration management. That
>would be well outside the scope of the tool. What it does provide are useful
>tasks for simplifying whatever versioning and CM a team decides to employ.
>Apart from open-source use of Ant (mainly with FOP) I have used Ant in
>real-life for over 2 years. At one company the versioning and CM was based
>on IEEE, so we tailored our buildfiles to do that. There we used CVS. At my
>current place of employ, Hummingbird, we use Ant with VSS and our own
>versioning standards - our buildfiles are tailored to support _that_. And
>Apache projects are different yet again.
>I don't find it unusual or objectionable that the version information is not
>automated. If we did regular builds that would be a candidate for
>automation, certainly, but we don't (Gump does, admittedly, but _we_ don't).
>Finally, I think it would be reasonable to automate labelling (tagging) in
>conjunction with an actual release. But overall I don't think things are
>that bad.

The automation of release labelling is not the main issue, just the 
easiest to fix.  If release labelling were all there was to it, it would 
be neither here nor there.  The main game is binary accounting; the 
assurance that a release is what it says it is, down to the very last 
file.  That's a big ask, where you have image files, e.g.   It is not a 
big issue for text-based files though.

What approach is taken in the places you mention to the identification 
of binary components?


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