Peter B. West wrote:
> I'm beginning to realise what a mighty cultural gulf I'm talking across. 

Every developer seems to dream of solving the versioning
problem. Unfortunately, there are no universally accepted,
detailed specs on what's a version and even on what problems
versioning should solve. The CORBA people promised a system
for solving interop problems in 3.0, and committed quite
significant ressoures, but nothing usable emerged from the
effort. This should indicate something.

There is also the rule "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".
While it would be nice to have some guidelines written down
about naming releases and CVS branches, I wouldn't call
version handling "broken" in FOP. This doesn't mean it
can't be improved, I only say there is not much pressure
to improve it.

If you really like a challenge, talk the other apache
projects into using a standardised top-level directory
structure with one doc, one src and so on :-)


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