> Sorry if I'm not replying inline, but with some mails Outlook Express seems
> to be unable to properly add >>> s . :-(     (If anyone knows a workaround,
> please let me know)

You must have think nerves that you work with Outlook Express. :-)

> Anyway, your description is correct, and very well done.

Thanks. :-)

> One of the main points in avalon is the IoC (inversion of control), where
> the Container pushes things to the Components.
> Static accessors are bad in this regard, as they make the Component ask
> something to a class that is not even a container. This usually brings to
> the problems FOP has had with config until now.
> In a server environment especially, good role hierarchy and containment is
> paramount, and Avalon helps to enforce and use it.
> One thing though: Logging is a bit different than other things... it's not
> really a component, but an aspect.
> This means that we would need another programming language to use it
> correctly from a framework POV...
> In practice, I have seen that the best thing is making the big blocks get a
> Logger from the parent, and have the smaller classes get it from a static
> method that permits the usage of a "key", that in the case of important
> classes can be set from the outside.

That surprises me a little. I tend to extend from AbstractLogEnabled
even for small classes if I need a Logger. But you're probably right
that this reduces memory usage especially if you have a lot of small
objects like we have in FOP.

> As for helping, I will be happy to do so.
> Unfortunately I have not had time till now to give an active hand, but now I
> can find some time.


> The good news is that Forrest is running (http://xml.apache.org/forrest/)
> and that we are starting to convert the xml.apache projects to use the new
> DTD.
> Since you have showed interest, FOP will be one of the first projects to
> have the site automatically published by Forrest :-)

I'm looking forward to it.

Jeremias Märki


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