At 07:50 PM 6/3/02, you wrote:
>Any other patches missing ?

Yes, alas, the change I introduced recently which improved the appearance
(ie spacing within words) in the awt renderr (command line -awt) introduces
a problem with word-to-word spacing in printing -- both when printing from
the AWTRenderer's popup dialog and when printing directly via the
commandline -print option.

NB:  I see the problem on NT4.0/sp6 -- I do not know what the results are
on different platforms.

I have tried many ways to work around the problem all without success.
What is worse is that problems seems to manifest itself differently
in jdk 1.3.x and jdk 1.4.0.

There is sufficient activity on the bug parade in the area of rendering,
character spacing and sizing to suggest the problem originates in java -
there have been several problems reported about inconsistencies between
font metrics and the actual drawing of text by the rasterizer - when the
graphics context is that of a printer.

If anyone has insight into this area, I'd be glad to take this off-list and
try to wrangle out a solution -- but for a week or two, every attempt I've
made comes up dry.

         ' Best,
         -Ralph LaChance

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