I have been working with the XSmiles browser and have been quite enjoying 
the experience of mixing XML content.  In their documentation, the XSmiles 
team mentions a few things that the current version of FOP doesn't support:

> The limitations of FOP itself include:
>     * FOP's AWTRenderer is a previewer, which prints contents one page at 
> the time to a graphics object. Therefore changing content after rendering 
> or using an active background would need rewrite of the renderer to use 
> awt/swing components.
>     * Scripting is not supported. Adding script support could be laborious,
>  because DOM tree is no longer visible to the renderer, which handles the 
> FOP Area Tree.

I was wondering whether there is any desire to address these requirements?
   If you haven't tried XSmiles, I would heartily suggest taking a look, as 
it is a pretty amazing client if you're trying to be as close to be 
bleeding edge of W3 technologies as possible.  The ability to do things 
such as merge live FO and XForms elements would be pretty cool.


Jason Foster

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