I don't know if you've been following the activities on the FOP mailing 
list, but they are in the process of doing a core redesign.  Based on some 
of the comments on the XSmiles features page I posed a few quick question 
to the FOP team.

Their response seems to have been fairly positive, so I was wondering if 
any members of the XSmiles team would be able to post to the FOP list with 
some details as to how XSmiles uses FOP and how integration between the two 
could be enhanced.  In paticular there is a movement afoot to allow a more 
dynamic rendering of the FOP content using Swing components, as opposed to 
the current more static viewing approach.  Support for dynamic changes to 
the DOM tree (via scripting) may also be possible.

It looks like there is a great opportunity here for synergy between the two 
groups.  The possibility exists for the XSmiles and FOP teams to develop an 
elegant approach to integrating their technologies that could be extended 
to include Batik.  The vision of a single, cross-platform client that 
supports all of the major W3 standards may be attainable!

Jason Foster

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