I think it was about a month ago, a status section was added to the FOP main page. A good idea.
Four questions :
1) Could it be possible to add a date to this status : "[last updated xx-March-2002]" ?
2) Could it be possible to move this section higher ? It is difficult to spot.
3) What does the following paragraph mean ?
Development for 1.0DR1 is addressing the design issues for layout and performance. This is focusing on making it possible to be conformant to the spec and be able to handle large documents. This is roughly 30% towards a developers release that should have: similar functionality to previous FOP releases, a rough API and a suitable design for developers to work on more functionality. 
What  is roughly 30% towards ? The work already done or the 1.0DR 1 ? Could this sentence please be rewritten ?
4) What has changed in the last month ? (I.e. could we get at least a monthly update if we must live with The timing of these events depends on progress made so it is not possible to predict any dates ?)

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