We are using fop 0.20.3 and it appears to be working fine for our purpose
except for 1 major point.
Caching of Images.
Here's what I am doing :-
Based on the program logic, I am creating multiple PDF documents applying
the same XSL but different XML data feeds.
If I am not mistaken, in an XSL using FO, there's no way to pass a parameter
to the fo:external-graphic, thereby having a dynamic filename and path. (if
anyone has done that, I would appreciate your tips)
This is what we use.
<fo:external-graphic src="url(images/firm_logo.gif)"/>
The base directory for each document is also different and that's set during
program execution of each file.
Program works fine, but, all 20 documents get the same images (i.e. the 1st
I did read about some people coming up with a solution for "Image Caching"
and also that it's a known issue.
How can I get the latest code with the bug fix. I tried building from the
CVS snapshot, but I got some errors.
Is there a build I can get from some location which works. I also saw there
are significant differences now in the 
ImageFactory Class implementation. So it's difficult for me to modify the
code for our purpose.
When is the next release going to happen ? We are going live shortly, hence
would like to know our options.
Sorry for the questions, but I am under a lot of pressure.
I would appreciate any help in this direction.


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