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Athalye, Rishi wrote:
> We are using fop 0.20.3 and it appears to be working fine for our purpose
> except for 1 major point.
> Caching of Images.

Yep, I was going to have a look at improving this, but haven't had the 
time lately.

> I did read about some people coming up with a solution for "Image Caching"
> and also that it's a known issue.

There isn't a fix for it AFAIK, but you can turn off caching altogether 
with a recompile. Comment out line 196 in FopImageFactory on the 
maintenance branch like so:

   // m_urlMap.put(href, imageInstance);

and recompile FOP.

Note that this will slow down rendering and increase short-term memory 
usage if you use the same image multiple times in a document. It will 
get worse the more you use the same image.

Unless someone comes up with an actual fix (or applies an existing fix 
if there is one out there in the wild) sometime real soon now, then this 
will still be a problem in the next release.


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