Is it me, or do the examples in fop-0.20.4rc/docs/examples/svg not work.

../../../ external.pdf
[INFO] FOP 0.20.4rc
[INFO] building formatting object tree
[Fatal Error] The prefix "xlink" for attribute "xlink:href" is not 
[ERROR] The prefix "xlink" for attribute "xlink:href" is not bound.

../../../ multi.svg multi.pdf
[INFO] FOP 0.20.4rc
[INFO] building formatting object tree

%java -version
java version "1.2.2"
Solaris VM (build Solaris_JDK_1.2.2_09, native threads, sunwjit)
%uname -a
SunOS bmcls055 5.8 Generic_108528-14 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-1



Martin Peřina <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 14/06/2002 12:10:31

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Subject:  Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] FOP 0.20.4 Release Candidate available

On Čt, 2002-06-13 at 18:10, Christian Geisert wrote:
> Hi all,
> the Release Candidate for 0.20.4 is available at
> for downloading and testing.
> It is planed to make the actual release in about a week (or two?)
> if no serious bugs show up.
> Changes since 0.20.3 include:
> - Support for background-image
> - FOP should now work with any JAXP1.1 compliant parser/transformer
> - The following JARs have been updated: Xerces to version 2.0.1, Xalan
>    to version 2.3.1 and Batik to version 1.5beta2.
> - Fop has been compiled with Jimi support
> - Logging has been changed from LogKit to Avalon's Logger Interface
> - New hyphenation patterns: turkish, portuguese and czech
> - FOP should now work on a EBCDIC maschine
> - Support for comma-separated values for the font-family property
> - Russian and Czech messages for AWTViewer
> For details see CHANGES file:
> Feedback/bugreports are welcome especially (but of course not limited)
> for the following issues:
> - compiling FOP with Jdk1.4 under Windows

On Linux with Sun J2SDK 1.4.0_01 it compiles fine.

> - running FOP on a EBCDIC maschine
> - running FOP from Win98/ME command line
> - processing FOP generated PDFs with RIP engines/preflight (?) tools
> - custom font loading with BaseDir property

It works fine, just two things:

  1) If baseDir is set for example to "/opt/fop", FOP doesn't
     add "/" at the end of baseDir as other systems commonly does,
     so you can start use path for fonts like this:

       <font metrics-file="../fop-fonts/arial-regular.xml"
         <font-triplet name="Arial" style="normal" weight="normal"/>

  2) It would be nice, if baseDir can be set like Java property
     on the command line, for example:

       java -cp $FOP_CP -DbaseDir=/opt/fop org.apache.fop.apps.Fop

     Then there won't be any absolute paths in userconfig.xml.

> Needs to be done for the release:
> - check documentation (new jar versions, classpath etc.)
> - anything missing in Release Notes/CHANGES ?
>   (apart from fixing my english ;-)

I have one more question. Will there be any improvements with
implementation of last-line-end-indent property in 0.20.4?
DocBook stylesheets use it for generating TOC and without this
property it doesn't look nice.

Martin Perina

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