Hi Rainer,

Thanks alot.
I have committed the patch. It all looks fine and appears to be working
how it should (as far as I can see).


On Thu, 2002-06-27 at 23:42, Rainer Garus wrote:
> Attached is the patch for the development version of fop.
> Some remarks:
> 1) With ant version 1.4.1 ant-optional.jar is not needed.
> 2) There are two new files src/codegen/encodings.xml and src/codegen/glyphlist.xml.
> 3) I have problems building fop with xalan version 2.2D11 (see bug 9706 for ant). 
>Please upgrade to an actual xalan version.
> 4) Only building of fop is tested (with the snapshot 20020626162309 and with xalan 
>version 2.3.1).
> ----

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