Jeremias Maerki schrieb:
> Hi Christian
>>here is the plan for the 0.20.4 release


> There is a bug that needs to be fixed IMHO (or to be documented as known
> issue):
> - fo:list-item-label at the end of line

IMHO this is no showstopper bug (what's the the point using 
text-align="end" here?)
Of course the example ( should be updated.

>>As already discussed I'll remove ant, xml-docs, hyph and design-docs
>>from the bin distribution and java-docs from the source distribution.
>>After the release we (Joerg) can start with the forrest integration
>>and then we should think about how we organize the docs (trunk and
>>maintenance branch)
> Cool, and I will work on Oleg's TIFF renderer among other things.


> I understand that bringing out the release as soon as possible is
> important, but the todo list seems to be quite long so I'm not so sure
> if this weekend is realistic for the release. Other voices?

Doing another RC isn't much less work than doing a release.
So my vote is to do the release now (i.e. tomorrow) and another
maintenance release in the near future.

Any other comments?

> Cheers,
> Jeremias Märki


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