HI all,
        I'm developing a reporting application using FOP.  AWTRenderer is
used. Since, there are several types of reports, the design followed is a
client-server one, where the client will be supplying the data to the sever
(report viewer component). This data will be constructed as a FO Text and
supplied to FOP for viewing as a report. 
           The actual problem here is the client program will not supply the
data for the entire report.(The report will consist of several pages). There
will be a Next button in the report viewer component and for every Next
click the client is asked to supply the data set. The trick here is the data
set supplied by the client can some times span just more than 1 page. Let's
say the first supplied data set spanned the entire first page and half of
the second page. With the Next click to the button I have to get the data
from the client, fill up the remaining half portion of the data with the
second supplied data and then start a fresh page.  This will  solve my
pagination problem. Is there a way the FOP provides me to update the
previously created pages? This is one solution to the pagination problem I'm
worried with.

Waiting in anticipation of the solution

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