Hi All,

I have made some changes to the pdf library:

- added transparency for shapes and alpha mask for images
This is mainly for svg graphics but it can also apply to images such as
transparent png images (if someone wants to implement this feel free :).

- made pdf lib independant
The pdf stuff does not refer to other FOP specific classes such as
configuration and FopImage. This makes it easier to use and prevents
generic FOP classes from having pdf specific code in them.

- Outputs pdf objects immediately
If an image is added to the pdf document then it can be streamed out
immediately and the memory released.
Care needs to be taken that objects are not added until they are ready
to be streamed out.
This saves quite a bit of memory when drawing images, the image data can
be released completely.

- adds resources to a context
This is important for patterns where the resources inside the pattern
cannot be added to the document resources.

Unfortunately I have broken the xref table and I can't figure out what
is wrong.

It needs improvement with the gstate dictionaries and testing to ensure
objects are not added too early.


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