RamanaJV wrote:
> HI FOP Developers,
>       I found that whenever a non-printable character is found in the text
> of the FO document, FOP throws an error saying "Invalid XML character".
> Instead, I feel it's good to remove the non-printable character and proceed
> with the rendering.

There is no such thing as a non-printable character in the
XML context.
The exceptions complaining about "Invalid XML character"
come from the XML parser and indicate, well, invalid XML
characters. This can be characters form the ASCII control
character or the Latin-1 upper control character range,
which must not occur in an XML file according to the spec
or you have declared a wron encoding in the XML file which
confuses the parser. An often seen gaffe is to omit the
enoding in the XML declaration at the beginning of the
file, which indicates UTF-8 or UTF-16 for the parser, but
the file is actually ISO-8859-1 or a similar 8bit encoding.
Another trap is to use Windows-1252 encoding, which has
valid characters in the range 128..160 (for example the Euro
sign, but declare ISO-8859-1, where the bytes map to the
upper Latin-1 control character range, i.e. invalid XML

Declare the encoding you actually use, or use character
references for all characters outside the ASCII range,
and the problem should go away.


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