RamanaJV wrote:
>       I found that whenever a non-printable character is found in the text
> of the FO document, FOP throws an error saying "Invalid XML character".
What do you mean by "non-printable" character? xml (at least 1.0 
version) is text rather than binary format and cannot contain control 
chars like bell etc. And fop itself has nothing to with it, it's just 
xml parser who is reporting your FO document is not well-formed one and 
must be rejected.

> Instead, I feel it's good to remove the non-printable character and proceed
> with the rendering.
No, you feel wrong, see xml spec [1]:
"Once a fatal error is detected, however, the processor must not 
continue normal processing (i.e., it must not continue to pass character 
data and information about the document's logical structure to the 
application in the normal way)."
Think about it, that's really good design indeed.

Oleg Tkachenko
Multiconn International, Israel

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