Peter S. Housel,

 the problem is : when I use to write a part of Chinese in the block or 
table-cell, the Chinese text could not broken in the end of line. so I use the hyhens 
to fixed it, the problem solved, but there is not hyhens file of Chinese for FOP, I 
wonder is there any good way  to make the text broken if I would not use hyhens.??

======= 2002-07-19 =======

>On Thu, 2002-07-18 at 22:58, stoneson wrote:
>> hello:
>> who can help me to make the license of Chinese hyphenation pattern file, such as
>> the following hyphenation patterns are part of the Fop distribution
>> da      Danish
>> ...
>Why?  I'm sure you know that Chinese doesn't use hyphens, and that
>Chinese text can be broken between any two characters.  Some typesetters
>don't even bother to suppress line breaks in front of punctuation
>marks.  A hyphenation file would do no good at all.  What's needed is
>for FOP to implement
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