the problem is : the FOP will not wrap the text when I have a very long sentence in 
a block or a table-cell, with the follow I will present a sample code. so I had to use 
hyphenation pattem file to solve it, so, that comes another question that there is NO 
Chinese hyphenation pattern file for FOP. I wonder whether there is another better way 
, if not, how can I use Chinese hyphenation file in FOP??

___________________________This content is Chinese, maybe you can not see 
        font-family="SimSun"   ----------------------------------------------> set the 
Chinese font family,and modify the config.xml to embed the font "SimSun"
        hyphenate="true"       ----------------------------------------------> to use 
        language="zh">         ----------------------------------------------> the 
problem is here, I miss the "zh" hyhpenate file in directory hyph
   With above , FOP will break the sentece to fix the layout, but will warn me that 
miss zh hyphenate file. if I not use hyphenate in it, the pdf will just appear 
"中国日报网站消息:中国外交部发言人孔泉在5月28日的"例行新闻发布"会上称,近" and the 
after disappear.

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>       This is happening even with the normal english also. Suppose, u have
>a text in the block of a table-cell and the text is not having any words (
>It is a single world). FOP is not wrapping the word and the text is moving
>on the next cell. How to solve this problem?
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>Peter S. Housel,
>  Thanks Peter,  I have studyed the described in
>http://www.unicode.org/unicode/reports/tr14/ . but I still do not get the
>point to. would you please to tell me in detail??
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>>"stoneson" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>>    the problem is : when I use to write a part of Chinese
>>> in the block or table-cell, the Chinese text could not broken
>>> in the end of line. so I use the hyhens to fixed it, the problem solved,
>>> but there is not hyhens file of Chinese for FOP, I wonder is there any
>>> way  to make the text broken if I would not use hyhens.??
>>What some people do is to put a space character (" ") after every Chinese
>>character.  It spaces out the text a little, but at least FOP knows where
>>can break the lines, and it looks better than hyphens (which can be
>>for the number "1").
>>At some point the FOP developers need to implement the Unicode Line
>>Algorithm (described in http://www.unicode.org/unicode/reports/tr14/) so
>>that FOP can break lines of Chinese/Japanese/etc. without needing extra
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