On Mon, 2002-07-22 at 22:26, Victor Mote wrote:
> FOP developers:
> As I am trying to get my arms around FOP, I am finding some things that I
> probably ought to propose as changes to the documentation, but I am confused
> about the mechanism for doing so.

Hope you have long arms.

> 1. It appears that the main documentation deliverable is the HTML pages that
> are on the web site and included in the distribution. Is that correct? Has
> any thought been given toward using FOP to generate PDF manuals, perhaps
> broken down between user and developer issues?

If you don't know there is an effort going on called Forrest that is an
overhaul of the website documentation process etc. It will eventually be
creating pdf files etc.
If you want to help out there then go to:
I'm sure they would be glad for the help.

> 2. Are doc change proposals intended to work the same way that source
> changes do -- ie. submit a patch to a committer? Or, is the doc function
> centralized? If the former, then continue with the remaining questions. If
> the answer is the latter, then to whom should documentation change requests
> be made?

Just submit a patch to the dev list and it will be dealt with.

> 3. Running "build.sh usage" indicates that "build.sh docs" should build the
> html documentation. There is no target for "docs", but there is one for
> "htmldoc". This appears to be a bug, for which I will submit a patch after I
> am more confident that I understand what should be happening.
> 4. Running "build.sh htmldoc" fails:
>       /u/vic/xml-fop/build.xml:658: Could not find file
> /u/vic/xml-fop/docs/xml-docs/fop.xml to copy.
> My CVS download of the fop-0_20_2-maintain branch does not have this file
> anywhere (updated 7-22-02, approx 8:00 GMT). This is what makes me think
> that the doc function is perhaps centralized (??).

The documentation is in the cvs trunk.

> I'm sorry if these are newbie questions. The good news is that after you all
> give me the answers, I will attempt to document them for the next guy.
> Thanks.

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