Hi Ramana,

Firs thing would be to decide on where to put the code eg.

It would appear that this area hasn't been documented much (there are
some emails).

A summary:
- these types of formats (RTF, MIF) do not need the layout process
- there is a StructureHandler that receives events from the FO Tree
while it is being created (start, end)
- the MIFHandler extends the StructureHandler to create a MIF Document
by using the start document, end document, start page sequence, end
pagesequence etc. to build the document and place the contents inside.
This only has a start of an implementation but the RTFHandler would
probably do the same sort of things.
- the structure of the document is received through the FO Tree from the
SAX events, the markup properties are resolved using the property stuff
on the FO Tree.

I don't know anything about RTF but I believe this should make it all

So I suggest you look in apps.StructureHandler and mif.MIFHandler, keep
in mind this is only a start of the implementation. Sort out the JFor
code, packages and get it compiling.
Implement a start to a RTFHandler that will create the RTF document and
some simple things.

If you have any more questions, fire away. This area could do with some


On Tue, 2002-07-23 at 13:43, RamanaJV wrote:
> Keiron,
>     I have been experimenting with several FO to RTF tools. The developer is
> required to have the knowledge of RTF and the FOP architechure to work on
> this RTF renderer.
>     I'm ready to work on this, but I need some help with the seniors in
> understanding the FOP architechure, as I'm a newbie.
> Ramana.       

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