As far your suggestion, I have made the FO to be a small page
sequences (could be around 20 pages per sequence). But, it I'm bugged with
this OutofMemoryException.  My system has 192Mb RAM.  The FO document is
made of tables. There will be two tables per page. There are no forward


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I guess you can find in the list archive that many of us have encountered 
this memory issue. I have managed to render 50 to 1500 pages documents 
using a machine with 256 Mo RAM . When you want to do that, you have to 
allow your JVM to use a large amount of memory. It can be tricky in windows 
environnement when you want to use more than the max RAM you have. You have 
to let W98 or WinNT or Win2K use some virtual memory. This should not 
trigger any blue screen of death....

what is your document made of ? if you have some well known page break, you 
should make a page sequence change there. The memory is happy with short 
page sequences as for this implementation of FOP (meaning 0.20.x).

Again, search for the advice in the archive, it has been said many times : 
short page sequences, jvm memory setting, avoid forward reference when you

Good luck


At 16:45 25/07/2002 +0530, you wrote:
>This shows a blue screen, if I terminate the Java program in the middle
>Ctrl-C option. The system showing a fatal error with the Ctrl-C
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>Subject: Re: OutofMemoryException
>it IS capable of rendering large documents. Out of Memory exception ist
>caused by standard JVM Memory assignment of 64M.
>Just enlarge the memory for the JVM with parameter -Xmx256m (256m for

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