Hi Mike,

thanks a lot, it worked. If u want to put the avalon-framework.jar I 
generated into the distribution, I can send it to you.

There is just one thing, that's a bit odd.
When I create a pdf document I get output into my (log4j-)logfile, but I 
also get the following warning on the console:

[WARNING] Screen logger not set.

Anyway, thanks a lot


  > Hi Jens,
  > I built avalon-framework-cvs-20020315.jar from the Framework codebase
  > in CVS (pulled on the date of the jar file) because at the time, the
  > current release was too out of date. Unfortunately, I think there
  > still hasn't been another release yet.
  > Jens Kühnberger wrote:
  >> java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
  >> org/apache/avalon/framework/logger/ConsoleLogger
  >> [snip]
  >> when I'm using the avalon-framwork-4.1.2.jar.
  > You'll get the NoClassDefFoundError when using
  > avalon-framwork-4.1.2.jar
  > because it doesn't contain the afore-mentioned up-to-date code.
  >> The problem with the
  >> avalon-framework-cvs-20020315.jar that comes with the
  >> fop-0.20.4-bin.tar.gz is, that it doesn't have the
  >> org.apache.avalon.framework.logger.Log4JLogger class.
  > The Log4JLogger probably wasn't built becuase Log4J would not have
  > been found when I was compiling the Framework codebase.
  > The solution would be to pull the Framework source code, make sure
  > Log4J is on your CLASSPATH, and build it. Use the resulting jar
  > instead of both avalon-framework-cvs-20020315.jar and
  > avalon-framwork-4.1.2.jar and you should be fine.
  > HTH,
  > /mike
  > --
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