Jens Kühnberger wrote:
> thanks a lot, it worked. If u want to put the avalon-framework.jar I 
> generated into the distribution, I can send it to you.

Well, I'm not a committer, so we'll see if any of those who are want it.. :)

> When I create a pdf document I get output into my (log4j-)logfile, but I 
> also get the following warning on the console:
> [WARNING] Screen logger not set.

Ahh, you want to call MessageHandler.setScreenLogger(Logger) somewhere 
in your code. There's some points in the maintenance branch's codebase 
which don't have access to the logger you give to Driver. In these cases 
the code logs via the static methods on MessageHandler.

Note that because MessageHandler is completely (IIRC) static, you only 
have to set it once. Also, the logger you give it could be used 

> Anyway, thanks a lot

No problem,

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