On Mon, 2002-07-29 at 10:45, Joerg Pietschmann wrote:
> Hello,
> I tried to clean up a bit in the maintenance branch, with focus on
> reducing memory load and improving performance.
> I'd like to discuss the following issues:
> - Java 1.2 containers (HashMap) sneaked into the maintenance branch
>   during a merge of a minor feature from the HEAD I made some times
>   ago. Question: there had been discussions about JDK 1.1 compatibility,
>   however, HEAD uses 1.2 containers exclusively. Should we go ahead
>   and replace 1.1 containers in the maintenance branch too? It should
>   result in a (perhaps very slight) performance increase. The more
>   important point is the following:

There is no good reason to stick with the 1.1 containers.

> - Merge HEAD PDF renderer. This renderer has been improved quite a bit,
>   in particular with regard to some SVG features some people find
>   important (and I promised frivolously to be included in the next
>   maintenance release). Merging the HEAD PDF renderer into the maintenance
>   branch seems to be possible. Should this be a goal for the next
>   maintenance release?

I presume you mean the pdf library code and the svg code (I still need
to do a bit more on the text painter).
The changes involved here are not trivial or isolated. It includes the
image handling, fo tree setup (how external xml is handled, attributes
etc.), renderer setup and area tree.
It almost sounds like HEAD with the old layout (if only we could have
HEAD with the new layout...).

If you think it is worth then effort then go ahead.

> Ok, to sum up (for voting, if someone wants to):
> - Java 1.2 containers in maintenance branch
> - merge PDF renderer from HEAD into maintenance branch (requires previous)
> - rationalize FO tree at the expense of making extensions
> Comments?
> J.Pietschmann

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