FOP Developers:

In my continuing efforts to find a place to document things I learn about
FOP, I have wrestled with the build for javadocs. Until making the following
changes, that build failed (for me anyway), unless I used Java 1.4. However,
it is of some benefit to use the same compiler for class and javadoc builds.
The items that follow are probably old news to most of you, and there may be
good reasons why we don't want to implement them, but here is what I

1. Java 1.2 javadoc cannot handle wildcards in the package names (this
feature was not added until 1.4). I have created a file called
<fop-root>/build-pkg-list.txt that contains a list of the packages to be
built. This file can be used as input to javadoc either on the command line
or from within Ant. There may be other ways to implement this list within
the build.xml file itself. If there is strong feeling against using the
external file, I'll investigate them (I am unsure whether Ant ensures
backwards compatibility with older releases of java, or whether its features
are mapped to the later releases of java, effectively ignoring newer
features with older java environments).
2. Ant 1.4.1 appears to have a bug that makes the package list feature
discussed in point 1 above fail. However, the bug is fixed in the new 1.5
release. The 1.5 release change list includes a fix for this bug (it is
unclear from the release notes when the bug arose).

In addition, it would be helpful to have the overview.html and package.html
files included in the builds:
3. It is trivial to add the "overview" attribute to build.xml to handle the
overview file.
4. Right now, build.xml is excluding html files during its copy from "src"
to "build/src", so the package.html files are being omitted. To correct
this, we need to either a) not exclude the html files in the copy, or b) use
"src" as the root of the javadoc build instead of "build/src". My tentative
solution uses option "b". There may be other options as well, but I won't
investigate them unless we need to.

The big issues are 2 & 4, but please let me know if the others cause
problems as well. If the above proposal meets with general approval, I'll
submit a patch.

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