On 31.07.2002 00:30:07 Darrel Riekhof wrote:
> FYI, the temporary fix was to replace org.apache.fop.image.JpegImage in fop-0.20.3 
>and fop-0.20.4 with the version of this class in fop-0.20.2.  Now JPEGs with ICC 
>profiles come in as before.
> Code questions:
> 1)  Why isn't the org.apache.fop.fo.properties package included in the source?

Because it's generated during the build process. Check build/src.

> 2)  Why do the Fop developers capitalize some method names?  For example:
>   public static FopImage Make(String href)

Looks like someone didn't follow the code conventions. I don't think
there's any special reason for that. Thanks for pointing it out.

> Thanks again Jeremias, you were a huge help for us.

Happy to help.

Jeremias Maerki

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