Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> I'm not so happy about this one. I know I'm also guilty of doing more
> work for the maintenance branch than for the redesign, but "stealing"
> code from the unfinished redesign for the maintenance branch seems to me
> like starting to take its breath away.

The problem is that HEAD does not work, and even after
Keiron gets som block and layout out of the door, it will
be far from ready to release.

One thing which particularly bothers me is that much of
the odd stuff is still in the redesign. Especially it
does not all that much to reduce memory usage, in fact
I have the feeling it will substantially *increase* it.
I wish this Mark Lillywhite character were still around.

While there are other projects fighting with a HEAD
representing "new idea" stuff and a branch with "tried
technology" for the normal users to check out, IMO it
should be the other way around: have always a working
version in HEAD, make branches to develop new ideas,
and integrate them into HEAD as they mature.

My horizon is to have a 0.20.5rc in two weeks and a
release end of august, with a bunch of annoying bugs
- lost and reshuffled text (almost done, adding images
   and fo:characters are still a problem)
- space before hyphenated words and related problems (done)
- space width calculation (tracked)
- text decoration lost (tracked)
- links for fo:external-graphics (tracked)
- perhaps proper leader resizing for justification
   (basically move leader generation to LineArea.align())
- solve the page-number-citation right-alignment bug
   (call Linearea.align() before rendering)
- reduced memory usage (in preparation)
- perhaps proper linefeed-treatment, white space treatment,
   overwlow and wrap (prototype almost working)
- perhaps enhanced vertical align and baseline-shift
- docs and especially the big FAQ, of course.

These are problems people post over and over again, and
we should keep users somewhat happy by showing soemthing
*is* done. See also
Note that I'm not trying to add to the mud, actually
I'm trying to clean up the maintenance branch bit by


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