For major changes like this, it would be a good idea to tag the tree 
before committing.  The easiest way, probably, is to get ask someone 
else with a current version to update and tag before you commit.


J.Pietschmann wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've replaced most of the JDK 1.0 containers by 1.2 containers
> in the maintenance branch, ready to commit. The PDF produced
> from FOP examples compares ok with PDF produced before the
> conversion. I might have screwed up other renderers, in
> particular the MIF renderer which required quite a bit more
> than a simple S&R. I might also have produced additional
> MT problems, even though I set FOPImageFactory to synchronized.
> If there are no vetoes, I'll commit the change on 2002-08-02,
> 21:00 CEDST.

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