olivier wrote:
> In fact I encounter troubles while rendering BMPs with FOP (PDF output).
> They seem to be automatically downsampled (their quality is really bad), or
> something like that. Is there anybody that could give me a way to search ?

Unless you specify height and/or width on the
fo:external-graphic element, the image is rendered
at a resolution of 72dpi. This will look bad on
most printers. I'm not aware of any resampling
of any image, but you can easily check for
yourself in the FOP source.

> Another question of mine could be : Is there a chance for the keep.*
> properties to be implemented soon ? If it is, is there a way I could (try
> to) help.
keep-with-* already works on table rows. You can
take advantage of this by putting stuff you want
to have kept together in a blind table.
The redesign where keeps are expected to be fully
implemented will still take a while.

> Finally, i've tried to import some BMPs as <fo:external-graphic> and it was
> always giving me an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exception.
> These BMPs where edited with PhotoShop. If I pre-edit them with windows's
> paint, there's no problem at all. Does anyone know something about this ?

This sounds like a known bug. Check bugzilla:
whether there is already an open bug, if not,
opoen one and append a *small* BMP which causes
such a problem.


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