hi all,

I thought about those questions because I need to use FOP the best way i can
( for sure ;) ) but also because, as a visual renderer, there is great
chance for people to really need these importants features to be implemented
or optimised in FOP.

First of all, I'd like to know a bit more about FOP's BMPRenderer.
In fact I encounter troubles while rendering BMPs with FOP (PDF output).
They seem to be automatically downsampled (their quality is really bad), or
something like that. Is there anybody that could give me a way to search ?

Another question of mine could be : Is there a chance for the keep.*
properties to be implemented soon ? If it is, is there a way I could (try
to) help.

Finally, i've tried to import some BMPs as <fo:external-graphic> and it was
always giving me an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exception.
These BMPs where edited with PhotoShop. If I pre-edit them with windows's
paint, there's no problem at all. Does anyone know something about this ?

Thanks in advance.

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