>I have successfully taken FOP source code and compiled it with Microsoft's 
>free VS.NET add-in, Visual J#, producing a managed .dll file that generates 
>.pdf files from an FO document.
>It took about a few hours of code tweaking, swapping out different SAX 
>libraries, etc., and I removed the SVG functionality, but the modified Java 
>source now compiles into MSIL.
>This has advantages over the COM solution proposed earlier in this 
>discussion list because it does not require a JRE on any other Java 
>components, and so distribution to a non-Java organization is a lot 
>If anyone thinks this is valuable and knows what I ought to do with it, let 
>me know.
>Jason Pettys

This definitely has value. Good job. Only trouble I can see is, how will it 
be maintained?

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