I've just found time to commit the changes I did last week on the build
process. As you might have seen I've adopted Jörg's filters. So what we
have now is the following:

- The build has a scaled down instructions comment at the beginning.
- It doesn't copy around whole directory trees.
- FOP compiles with JDK 1.3 and 1.4 without modification.
- It is faster
- In the svg package PDFGraphicsConfiguration.java has now a new
  extendsion ".javat" (for template). I did this so this file doesn't
  produce compile errors in IDEs. Instead you should run "build codegen"
  and include the build/gensrc directory in your project in your
  favorite IDE.

- Find a way to avoid those multiple style calls because of the buggy
  Xalan in JDK 1.4. This slows down the build process A LOT. (Someone)
- Update status.xml as soon as I got time. (me)

Jeremias Maerki (who is back to work and already drowning in new

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