Tobias Kuhn wrote:
> i wonder if it is possible to supply the fop driver in my section:
> XSLTInputHandler inputHandler = new XSLTInputHandler( >> new
> File(xmlFile) <<, new File(xslFile));
> with an xml stream instead of an xml file.

No, unless you change the source.
Look here for an alternative:

> I have already embedded the rendering to pdf succesfully and the last
> problem is that the result pdf file is not accesible (Acrobat reader
> says it is locked.),  while the application in which i embedded my code
> is running.
> i tried "driver.reset();" but this doen not seem to work properly.

You have to close the output ffile, for example if you use a
   FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream("foo.pdf");
   Driver driver = new Driver();
  .... do the rendering ...

Check the Java docs for details.


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