One alternative is to do the XSLT transform outside of FOP - i.e. do it
directly with Xalan.  You can provide a stream to Xalan, and output into a
ByteArrayOutputStream, and then provide the fop Driver with an input source
that wraps the byte[] in the ByteArrayOutputStream.

I find it more convenient to do the XSLT separately from the FO - the two
are really completely separate, even if it is convenient to use XSLT to get
an FO XML message.  The Xalan interface gives significantly more control
than the XSLT interface in FOP (which after all is only a wrapper for Xalan




i wonder if it is  possible to supply the fop driver in my section:

XSLTInputHandler  inputHandler = new XSLTInputHandler( >> new File(xmlFile)
<<, new  File(xslFile));

with an xml stream  instead of an xml file.

I have already  embedded the rendering to pdf succesfully and the last
problem is that the  result pdf file is not accesible (Acrobat reader says
it is locked.),   while the application in which i embedded my code is
i tried  "driver.reset();" but this doen not seem to work properly.

Thanks for tips in  advance.

T.  Kuhn

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